Aung Phyoe

Aung Phyoe is a writer, director and film editor. He was born in Pakokku, at Upper Myanmar. He is a B.Eng graduate from Nanyang Technological University Singapore, where he developed a strong interest in cinema entering the cinema club at the university. He also began to take film classes and attend screenings at the Film Society in Singapore, which reinforced his passion for cinema.

Later, he earned a Diploma in Editing from Mumbai-based film school, Whistling Woods International. His first short film “Seasonal Rain” was screened for Open Doors Screening at 71st Locarno Film Festival and he edited a feature film “Murder on the Road to Kathmandu” (2018).

In 2018, he participated the Autumn Meeting’s Director Workshop mentored by Tran Anh Hung. His feature film project "Fruit Gathering” won the Main Jury Prize at Myanmar Script Fund and the Autumn Meeting Grand Prix in Vietnam. His second short film “Cobalt Blue” was selected to Pardi di Domani - International Competition at 72nd Locarno Film Festival, which became the first Myanmar short film to be selected for competition.

In 2018, he co-founded “3-ACT Cinema Magazine”, which promotes film education and national cinematic heritage and is actively involved in the Myanmar Independent film scene.


“Seasonal Rain” (Yar-thi Moe)

Myanmar · 2016 · Color · 30' · o.v. Burmese

Synopsis : Aye Aye, a young urban woman, has to come to terms with her sexual awakening against the background of repressive parents and a conservative society. Seasonal Rain is based on a short story by Burmese poet and novelist Kyi Aye.


  • 2018 Locarno Film Festival for Open Doors Screening
  • 2019 Minkio Film Week, Bali, Indonesia. (S-express Program)
  • 2019 SEAshort Film Festival, Malaysia (S-express Program)

“Cobalt Blue” (Pyar Pyar Nyo Yaung Maing Ta-lei-lei)

Myanmar · 2019 · Color · 27' · o.v. Burmese

Synopsis : Yangon, 1998. A boy and his mother are waiting for the return of the father, a civil servant, to move out another town at Upper Myanmar. On the last evening the boy tries to understand the complexities of relationships.


2019 Locarno Film Festival for International Competition in Pardi di Domani (Leopard of Tomorrow) section.

2019 Minkio Film Week, Bali, Indonesia.

2019 Singapore International Film Festival, Southeast Asia Short Film Competition.