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Developing Project

FRUIT GATHERING (Feature Length Film)

Writer and Director Aung Phyoe

Producer Thu Thu Shein & Thaiddhi

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Script Development Stage

  • 2017 Winner of Myanmar Script Fund (MSF) by Memory Film Festival, Myanmar
  • 2018 Autumn Meeting Grand Prix for feature film project “Fruit Gathering” at Art House Film Corner Pitching, Vietnam
  • FLY Film Lab (Session 1) 2019
  • Southeast Asian Film Lab (SGIFF) 2019
  • Luang Prabang Talents Lab 2019


San Kyi's (19) father passed away when she was young. Her mother, Ei Ei Khin (45) left the country and worked as a maid overseas to support the family. San is left with her parental grandmother. Failing her matriculation exam twice, San Kyi joined the garment factory as a tailor. After long years abroad, Ei came back and worked as the maid agent. Meanwhile, San gets to know the new worker Theint Theint Oo (25) at the factory and the friendship is initiated by the latter and established. San who is an introvert and never has any friend starts taking the friendship more and more seriously. Theint was the mistress of the supervisor at the brick factory and supported her family at a native village. When the supervisor’s wife accused her by the Special Marriage Law, she lost her job. She managed to find the employment at the garment factory where San works. Theint wants to hide her past and tries hard to make her ends meet in any possible way. Although she feels the trust and friendship by San, she cannot reciprocate San's obsession. Their friendship gradually drifts into a darker dimension of emotional torture. On the other hand, San’s mother Ei wants to make her daughter’s future secured by the traditional arranged marriage to an older man with financial stability. San is in hesitation. But things take a different turn for her when her grandmother passed away and Theint made the decision to work abroad and leave her.

On Going Documentary Project

Director: Soe Moe Aung

Producer: Thu Thu Shein & Thaiddhi

Production Stage

  • IDFA Bertha Fund for development.
  • Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund
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The character of the film, U Aung Win graduated from the Defense Services Academy in 1964. Immediately after graduation, he was posted in Kachin state as a second lieutenant for 4 years. That time was the peak of the fighting between Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and government forces. During those 4 years, he fought many battles. The documentary is based on one of the incidents. The incident took place when he was assigned as a platoon commander in Kachin state. One day, he was ordered to recon a village in Kachin State. When they arrived at the village, they found a group of armed people at a house beside the creek. At the time, Lt. Aung Win signaled his men for a surprise attack. When Lt. Aung Win and his group entered the house, they found a dying woman holding a crying infant. Lt. Aung Win fed the child with condensed milk and brought the child back with him. He reported to the battalion and sent the child to the hospital. The film is about finding this child.