Third Floor Film Production & Services

Developing Project #1

FRUIT GATHERING (Feature Length Film)

Writer and Director Aung Phyoe

Producer Thu Thu Shein & Thaiddhi


Claire Marquet, Art-Production (France)

Vít Janeček, D1 Film (Czech Republic)

Script Development Stage

  • Jury Award, Myanmar Script Fund (2017)

  • Autumn Meeting Grand Prix for feature film project “Fruit Gathering” at Art House Film Corner Pitching, Vietnam (2018)

  • FLY Film Lab (Session 1) 2019

  • Southeast Asian Film Lab (SGIFF) 2019

  • Luang Prabang Talents Lab (2019)

  • Locarno Open Doors Hub, 2020 (Award : Development Grant CNC)

  • Ties That Bind, 2020 (Selected)


When San’s father passes away, the family moves from their village to Yangon. SAN (12) is left with her grandmother OHM, when her mother EI goes working overseas. Working at a garment factory, San (now 18) meets THEINT (25), an outspoken and confident woman. While getting closer to her, San develops a feeling of attraction and even of obsession, but she is unable to understand her own desire. After six years, Ei (48) returns to care for Ohm’s (70) fragile health. San feels emotionally distant to her mother, who is different than in her memories. Ei and Ohm are planning an arranged marriage for San with their family friend PHONE (40), while Theint suddenly gets married to her boyfriend and follows him outside Yangon. San is devastated when Theint leaves and Ohm is hospitalized with a terminal illness. Months later, San informed about Theint unsuccessful marriage and goes to rescue her. Bringing her back to Yangon they are planning to live together with the promise of going to work abroad. But things take a different turn when Theint wants to leave as soon as possible, while San is delaying.

developing project #2

Through the Breeze of Night (feature length film)

(Script Developing Stage)

Directed by Mg Bhone

Produce by Thu Thu Shein & Thaiddhi

  • Memory Script Fund (2019)


Maung Cho (23) borrows money from Ko Oo (40) to buy a bike and works as a bike taxi driver. Ko Oo takes advantage of the situation and asks Maung Cho to do stuff whenever needed. One day when his wife is out, Ko Oo and his friend persuade Maung Cho to enjoy it with a prostitute.

Thinzar (27) is a prostitute working with the pimp Kyaw Kyaw (35), who does not give her enough clients and prefers her for himself. Thinzar is in the need for money and she does not want to work with him anymore.

Ko Oo and group meet with the pimp Kyaw Kyaw and take Thinzar for a night with an unreasonable price. After they spend the time with Thinzar, Ko Oo and his friend leave Maung Cho with her without paying. Thinzar is afraid to go back since she would be punished by her pimp for the money. Maung Cho suggests he would ask the money from Ko Oo.

After failing to get money from Ko Oo, Maung Cho meets Thinzar who was beaten, and they decide to do the business by themselves. After being disturbed by her former pimp, Thinzar and Maung Cho manage to get the connection with hight authority people with the help of Wai Lin (38).

When her former pimp knows about Thinzar's association with the minister, he threatens her to get a picture of her and minister on the bed. If Maung Cho and Thinzar have to do as he asked, they would be killed by the politician. At that moment, they have no choice but to run away. But things take a different turn for Maung Cho, when Thinzar decides on her own.

On Going Documentary Project

Director: Soe Moe Aung

Producer: Thu Thu Shein & Thaiddhi

Production Stage

  • IDFA Bertha Fund for development.

  • Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund


The character of the film, U Aung Win graduated from the Defense Services Academy in 1964. Immediately after graduation, he was posted in Kachin state as a second lieutenant for 4 years. That time was the peak of the fighting between Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and government forces. During those 4 years, he fought many battles. The documentary is based on one of the incidents. The incident took place when he was assigned as a platoon commander in Kachin state. One day, he was ordered to recon a village in Kachin State. When they arrived at the village, they found a group of armed people at a house beside the creek. At the time, Lt. Aung Win signaled his men for a surprise attack. When Lt. Aung Win and his group entered the house, they found a dying woman holding a crying infant. Lt. Aung Win fed the child with condensed milk and brought the child back with him. He reported to the battalion and sent the child to the hospital. The film is about finding this child.