Tomorrow will be a sunny day

Short Film | 19 min 18 sec |  Drama | Color | Myanmar | 2023

Written & Directed by Mg Bhone

Producer: Thu Thu Shein and  Thaiddhi

Co-producer: Arga Thura

Cast & Crew

Cast: Hein Thway, Yamon May

Cinematographer: Thaiddhi, 

Location Sound: Sai Khong Kham, Sound Design Eaiddhi

Edit: Thu Thu Shein, Art Direction: Khon Tha, Su Myat Lin


Oak Soe  is a bit-part actor in the Myanmar film industry who dreams of landing a lead role. Struggling to get by with little money, he is at pains to accept that his girlfriend Honey, is sleeping with a rich older man for money. They both think they are in love and can accept each other for who they are, but the line between acting and reality is becoming increasingly blurred.

Evening clouds

Short Film | 18 min |  Drama | Color | Myanmar | 2022

Written & Directed by Aung Phyoe

Producer: Thu Thu Shein and  Thaiddhi

Co-producer: Claire Marquet, Vít Janeček

Cast & Crew

Cast: Nandar Myat Aung, Thiri May Thu, May Paing Soe, Mg Bhone

Cinematographer: Thaiddhi, Sound: Sai Khong Kham and his team

Edit: Thu Thu Shein, Art Direction: Moore Phyu


San Kyi (18) lives with his mother, widow Ei Ei Khin (45) and grandmother Ohn Kyi (70). San Kyi used to work in a garment factory and is currently out of work. Her mother was planning to marry her to Phone Shwe (40), and San Kyi did not like him. While working in the factory, San Kyi's best friend was Theint Theint Oo (25), who was also fired from her job. Since Theint would return to her hometown to work, San Kyi decided to run away with her. One day, when Grandma Ohn Kyi was ill and her mother was not at home, San Kyi gave her gold chain to Theint to sell and make money. When the grandmother was taken to the hospital, San could not contact Theint, who did not return in time. 

Fruit Gathering


Aung Phyoe


Thu Thu Shein & Thaiddhi (Myanmar)


Claire Marquet, Art-Production (France)

Vít Janeček, D1 Film (Czech Republic) 


Pyar Pyar Nyo Yaung Maing Ta-lei-lei 

(Cobalt Blue)

Short Film | 27mins | Myanmar | 2019

Directed by Aung Phyoe

Cast & Crew

Producer: Thu Thu Shein & Thaiddhi

Cast: May Paing Soe, Arr Koe Yar, Win Htet, Aung Khine Myo

Cinematography: Thaiddhi, Sound: Eaiddhi

Edit: Myo Min Khin, Art Direction: Moore Phyu


Yangon, 1998. The film takes place on one evening at the government housing apartment by the railroad where a boy and his mother waiting for the return of the father, a civil servant, to move out another town at Upper Burma. The boy realises the unusual bond between him and his mother regards the young helpful man-next-door.