Tomorrow Will Be A Sunny Day

Tomorrow will be a sunny day

Short Film | 19 min 18 sec |  Drama | Color | Myanmar | 2023

Written & Directed by Mg Bhone

Producer: Thu Thu Shein and  Thaiddhi

Co-producer: Arga Thura

Cast & Crew

Cast: Hein Thway, Yamon May

Cinematographer: Thaiddhi, 

Location Sound: Sai Khong Kham, Sound Design Eaiddhi

Edit: Thu Thu Shein, Art Direction: Khon Tha, Su Myat Lin


Oak Soe is a bit-part actor in the Myanmar film industry who dreams of landing a lead role. Struggling to get by with little money, he is at pains to accept that his girlfriend Honey, is sleeping with a rich older man for money. They both think they are in love and can accept each other for who they are, but the line between acting and reality is becoming increasingly blurred.